Rules and Regulations

  •  No public intoxication. All alcoholic beverages are to be kept at camp site.
  •  No mini bikes of any kind. 
  • Notice golf cart rules posted. Charging fee applies to all electric golf carts. Information is available at the office. All golf carts are to be parked at campsite by 9pm.
  •  No outside storage units or debris on sites.
  • No glass bottles or pets allowed in shelter.
  •  Wood is for sale, do not cut any trees or pickup in woods. Keep fires to a minimum. Make sure your campfire is out before leaving campsite. No wood left by camper from week to week. All wood will be picked up by camp management each week if left at site.
  •  Obey "one way" and speed limit signs in park.
  •  All dog owners must keep dogs tied or on leash at all times. Please clean up after them at all times. No dog is to be left unattended. No dogs left at the pond at any time.
  • All parents are responsible for their own children. Please see that they obey camp rules and are at own campsite by 11:00 pm.
  •  Do not let children play in washrooms and laundry room.
  •  Put all garbage in bags and deposit in dumpster. 
  • Pond open from dawn to dusk for fishing only. No swimming.
  •  All waste water (including dish water) must be caught in closed container and disposed of in proper place. Information at office
  •  11:00 pm is quiet hour. Please respect your neighbors. Guests must leave the park by 9:00 pm. Gate will be closed.
  • Fishing is permitted in pond without license on campground property only. Catch and release only. No minnows allowed.
  • Parents must accompany children at all times while fishing.
  •  Please do not throw trash into lake. Clean up all worm boxes, candy wrappers, etc.
  • All visitors must stop at Office to register and pay visitor's fee.

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